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MG / MGB / Gir / Clutch / understell
MG / MGC / Gir / Clutch / Understell
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Anti-Tramp Bars & Components The use of anti tramp bars is highly recommended for cars which have more than standard power available (for example a tuned four cylinder, an MGC or a V8). They are fitted between the rear spring front eye bushes and the centre spring mountings on the axle by special brackets which are supplied as part of the conversion. When power is applied suddenly, usually from a standing start, the rear leaf springs tend to wind up into an 'S' shape, and then revert to normal in a series of hops, referred to as 'tramping'. Anti tramp bars restrict flexing of the front half of the leaf spring when under extreme loadings, by allowing only vertical movement of the axle; thus deprived of its natural twisting motion the axle can no longer 'tramp'. The anti tramp bar kits listed here fit (without modification), chrome bumper MGB's and all MGC's. Factory-built V8's, and all rubber bumper cars because of the different spring mountings on their body shells, also require one of the two spacer kits. Please Note: When carrying out any suspension modifications, it is vital to ensure that all other components are in good working order to handle the increased cornering speeds and, to maximise the benefit of any modification.