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Baileigh krymp / strekk

Verkty / Karrosseri / Krympe / Strekke
Modellbetegnelse MSS-16F
Tilgjengelige   Bestillingsvare, 30 dager til forventet levering (11.03.2020)

kr. 15 950,-


Krymp /Strekk p fot, lager mindre merker i plarene en billigere maskiner

When you want the best manual metal shrinking machine on the market, look no further than the MSS-16F from Baileigh Industrial. The MSS-16F metal shrinker is built right using our years of knowledge we have gained through the sale of our other metal forming machines. With a maximum capacity of 16 gauge mild steel and 14 gauge aluminum, this is truly a professional metal workers machine. The MSS-16F is so easy to operate, that anyone can become a metal shaper. The foot pedal operation is great because it leave the operators hands free to handle the panel they are trying to shape. The MSS-16F also has a large 6 throat depth for getting deep within a panel.

Everything on the MSS-16F is adjustable, forming depth, forming pressure, and even how much marring will happen to the material, with optional jaws. The MSS-16F even has quick change jaws to make forming faster.

For more information on the MSS-16F metal shrinker, contact a Baileigh Industrial representative.