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CNC plasma bord , variabel høyde

Verktøy / Garage / verksted utstyr
Verktøy / Sveis / Plasma
Modellbetegnelse PT-44VH
Tilgjengelige   Bestillingsvare, 30 dager til forventet levering (15.04.2020)

kr. 163 000,-


1400 x 1400mm CNC plasma bord , aut. høyde justering

The PT-44VH NC plasma table is an industrial grade 4’ x 4’ (working area) plasma cutting table that comes standard with a variable height control allowing for perfect arc distance at all times, even on uneven materials, making each cut perfect, every time. The PT-44VH NC plasma cutting table requires 220 volts of single phase power.

The PT-44VH NC plasma cutting table comes with an easy to use design software package that allows the user to design or plot out a job on any computer and load the plasma table via data wire or simple USB stick. The plasma cutting table comes with a control podium and control pendant that controls the X and Y axis. The Z axis is controlled by a control box mounted on the console.

This is a heavy-duty industrial-grade plasma table that weighs 700kgs and is constructed of heavy gauge boxed steel to easily support the max plate size and thickness without flinching. The X, Y, and Z axes are controlled by step motors. Heavy-duty ground, hardened and polished square rails are standard on the variable height tables due to their impressive strength.

This NC plasma table comes pre-built and just requires electrical service. This is the perfect industrial-grade CNC plasma cutting table for any shop that requires heavy-duty machinery at an affordable price.

Plasmaskjærer for styrt plasma bord
Modellbetegnelse: PT-CUTMASTERA-60
Tilgjengelige:  Bestillingsvare, 30 dager til forventet levering (15.04.2020)
 3/8" (10mm) production cut - 1" (25mm) maximum edge start cut. Air plasma - 80% duty cycle - 80A Maximum output.
kr. 62 220,- pr stk