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Citrus rens

Verksteds tilbehør / matriell / MATRIELL / forbruks matriell
Verksteds tilbehør / matriell / olje, smøre midler, bremseveske / kjemi
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cirtus rens


KENT Citrus Cleaner is a fast and effective ph-neutral intensive cleaner based on citrus extracts.
The cleaner quickly removes most contaminants and residues like oils, greases, lubricants, adhesives etc. from solvent-resistant surfaces while being gentle on the substrate.

Features & Benefits

High dissolving power – effective and intensive cleaning
Quick dry properties – ensures short cleaning times
Pleasant citrus fragrance – no unpleasant solvent smell
Free from hydrocarbons and CFC content – safe in use>br> Silicone free – body shop safe


Apply KENT Citrus Cleaner on the surface to be cleaned, allow a short dwell time and simply wipe off with a cloth (e.g. KENT Finishing Cloth).

N.B.: Check compatibility with rubber and plastic components prior to use.