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Picard tung rette hammer / formings hammer

Verkt°y / Karrosseri / Hammere
Modellbetegnelse Picard Bumping Hammer Double 2
Tilgjengelige   Lagervare

kr. 850,-


stor rette hammer , fin til forming av plater

Picard Bumping Hammer Long Pattern 252/25 1/2

Picardę are known in the industry to be one of the finest manufacturers of body hammers in the world.

100% forged in Germany since 1857. After 150 years of production the company is still privately owned by the Picard family from Cronenberg. Even if the production methods and the management are conducted in a substantially more modern way, the same high standards of quality have remained as with all Picard generations.

hammer hode 620engde 170mm,rundt hode 31mm,dia pen 34x4mm
total vegt 2kg