1,5'' Diameter bossing hammer - Unneberg Bil - Din partner innen klassisk bilhold
1,5'' Diameter bossing hammer

Verkt°y / Karrosseri / Hammere
Modellbetegnelse DPBRM0
Tilgjengelige   Bestillingsvare, 45 dager til forventet levering (01.04.2020)

kr. 430,-


1,5'' dia bossing hammer i UHMW

Description Newest addition to our "Redheads" line of UHMW* plastic barrel/bossing mallets. 1 1/2" diameter head x 7" extra long OAL head and with our Dagger Tools standard 14" OAL handle. 7 oz. weight. One side has a 1 1/2" radius bossing head and one side flat with large edge relief. Perfect for edge lipping of a panel, raising damaged body panels while off the car on a leather bag, detail forming in hard to reach areas and what a great all around non-marring assembly tool for all types of engine/body work! Proudly, Made in Michigan