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naglekitt 3X naglepistol

Verktøy / Karrosseri / Nagleverktøy
Modellbetegnelse ATS-2602PK
Tilgjengelige   Lagervare

kr. 4 300,-


startkitt for naglearbeid

This cost-saving riveting kit features our popular 2602A Rivet Gun , a selection 4 of our most popular Bucking Bars (141, 142, 148, and 149), plus a complete assortment of Rivet Sets to install Universal Head (AN470) or Flush (AN426) rivets in sizes 3/32" to 3/16". And it all comes to you in a stylish molded case to keep things neatly organized. This is the prefect "field" kit to take with you anywhere -- it has the riveting tools you need conveniently laid out in one handy ready-to-go package. 18 lbs (8.5Kg) shipping weight.

ATS Rivet Gun
Brass Air Tool Regulator
Bucking Bar
Bucking Bar
Bucking Bar
Bucking Bar
33/32" Straight AN470 Rivet Set
1/8" Straight AN470 Rivet Set
5/32" Straight AN470 Rivet Set
3/16" Straight AN470 Rivet Set
3/4" Diameter Flush Set
3/32" Offset AN470 Rivet Set
1/8" Offset AN470 Rivet Set
5/32" Offset AN470 Rivet Set
3/16" Offset AN470 Rivet Set
Rubberguard Flush Rivet Set
Mechaid Retainer Spring
Beehive Retainer Spring
ATS Synthetic Tool Oil
High Impact Custom Molded Tool Case

messing formings hammer hode
Modellbetegnelse: DT10-RGF
Tilgjengelige:  Lagervare
 messing hode til luft meisel og naglepistol, 401 ''skaft''
kr. 295,- pr stk