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CASTROL GTX 15W/40 A3/B3 4LT 15D3

Verksteds tilbehør / matriell / olje, smøre midler, bremseveske / olje
Modellbetegnelse 2260/7065
Tilgjengelige   Lagervare

kr. 465,-


Castrol GTX High Mileage is one of the worlds leading oils for high mileage cars. Its more than just oil. Its Liquid Engineering that provides superior protection against high mileage problems that your engine faces every day like smoke and leaks. As engines age seals can become brittle allowing oil to leak through your engine increasing oil consumption. Castrol GTX High Mileage extends the life of your engine.-Engineered to protect against smoke and leaks.-Helps control oil consumption.-Contains seal conditioners to preserve elasticity of engine seals.-Outstanding protection against engine wear. Approvals and Specifications-API SL/CF-ACEA A3/B3-VW 505 00-MB-Approval 229